20. March 2018


I always thought I would work for a company.

Since I realized, that I work for myself.

What I do is for my own satisfaction and what I do is for broading my mind. I am my own recruiter and it’s also my own decision if I want to do this job. You don’t only work to earn money, you go to work to achieve something. You go to work to contribute your part to the world. You go to work to tell yourself in the evening: “Look how you’ve done that, I am proud of myself!”

I was thinking that I had to earn money to sustain my standard of living, to survive and to get some bills payed. But looking in my wardrobe tells me that I do live in abundance. Nobody needs all these things. Does it make me happy having three more dresses? It’s only a short-time satisfaction buying one.

It’s not me, buying these things for making me feel better, for remunerate my annoying work. It’s my bored self. It’s the one who is annoyed all day long and for that, my bored self has nothing to do but buying things I don’t need, wasting time I don’t have and complaining about things I would be able to change.

Sure, a certain amount of money is needed for being able to visit foreign countries, to taste foreign flavours and to buy some fuel to get by car from one place to another. To not loose your social relationships. But how to earn that, this is my own proper decision.

No excuses anymore. Let’s start by making a list what I want to achieve the next weeks, months, years. And then let’s work on that list. Let’s stop wasting time, let’s stop to consume unnecessary stuff, let’s be a better you and kill my bored self.

It’s time to make a change – perhaps I already did. And damn it feels good!

It’s not enough to work for yourself! You have to work on yourself! You have to work with yourself! And sure you have to love yourself for working hard!

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