27. March 2018


From this day forward, today would be tomorrow, not yesterday. I would not see any skulkers anymore. Sure, nobody asks for trouble, but they all make themselves at home, too comfortable. too resigned. They have to stand up, they forgot how to walk. They need a slap… Here you are, you’re wolcome.

Try harder, start! Get up and reach the bathroom. Then you can angle the person you look at something from me. People here are losing their way. They sell themselves. They don’t trust anyone, don’t believe in anything. We need You!

Seems that everyone is frightened, no other feelings. The fight is this big, just enough to reach the couch. No other method was ever used. So get down on the floor and do push-ups! To play act is the biggest perfidiousness. Nobody believed, but I dare. I look through you all. You are not even thinking anymore about what lies you believe. Sure, practicing was allowed, you only exaggerated one more time. You fucked up, made shit. Remained shit.

It was the lazy affairs, not your first balancing act. Looking away, the patient lives and every outrage is standard to excuse everything. You are already like a pack of dogs, you pay homage to the one who handles you, you have already been as mild as a dove.

Do it slowly! I’ve had it! Like fat putting to your body, you mentally weaken to cripples, madmen. Destruction was sure not part of your duties. It heals you with nieces – the hope for tomorrow from which I report. And believe me, but you do not think it’s any of your business. But allow me, you have to look at that. No one sees what happens – poisoned.

Your life is lukewarm, everyone is just talking loudly. Because you don’t trust yourselves, you walk towards emptyness. You robbed the earth and you don’t give anything back. One last wish for the end. You hold so many so tight and you are free so little. Breath deeply, into your belly. Perhaps you can also feel it. There’s sure something to rule, but do you do? Pushing aside is bad – Devil-may-care or after me the deluge.

It is my part to tell you the truth, because you can’t see how poisoned you already are. Too many speaker, much too less people who just do!

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ob•so•let imperfection is beauty, madness is genious. it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.


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