18. April 2018

Little creature

Little creature soft and fine,

do you like me

and are you happily mine?

You ought to be…

but it’s not me

to decide,

it’s you

who does not hide.

You pull your nose into my arms,

happy me

with all your charme.

Love your little tippi toes,

wimmering back

when there were four more legs:

Mister Mo’s!

Shine into my heart,

make it bright

with your lovely breath

which calms me down at night.

You are my one and only,

the little single creature

that grabs all my attention,

you hold me back so slowly slowly.

Life is beautiful

with you here by my side,

and sometimes you show

me how to savour time.

Time with you is never wasted,

and as long as you are here

it’s the sunny side I tasted.

People without pets

they don’t understand

the meaning for me

when you hold my hand.

But once they saw

and once they felt

how your tiny paw

brings a heart to melt,

they will miss

this perfect kiss.

Just like me!


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  1. Would you mind if we shared this in our purrsday poetry section? 🙂



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