So let’s see what’s my day like:

  • 6 am the alarm clock rings and I don’t feel able to go to work today – I am in a funk
  • 6.30 am I still can’t see any sense in getting up, but I already reached the bathroom – I am so proud of me
  • 6.45 to 7 am driving to work with my scooter – I love cruising through the city
  • 7 am the madness begins
  • 7.30 am daily work done
  • 8 am let’s get a hot chocolate
  • 9 am running out of chocolate and checked my bank balance already for two times without finding any lotterie jackpot
  • 10 am getting some more hot chocolate with my colleague and talking about private stuff
  • 11 am back at my desk waiting for lunch
  • 12 pm looking for offers on amazon I don’t need and spending money I don’t have
  • 12.30 pm happy lunch time and a great feeling having survived half of the day without falling asleep
  • 1.30 pm back at my desk checking out if there’s anything to do
  • 2 pm senseless meeting requiering me all of my strength to not shout out loud: “What the hell are we doing here?!”
  • 3 pm walking back at my desk totally stressed from another wasted hour
  • 4 pm the mood is rising to call it a day
  • 4.30 pm answering silly questions from colleagues who still don’t know how to do their own job after ten years
  • 4.45 pm god bless – I survived this day

Everyone knows the concept of “burnout” – the illness of top bosses and the stars. For many workers (like me), it’s quite the opposite: too little to do or the feeling of being unchallenged – Boreout!

Most individuals don’t even recognize that they have such a syndrome as they develop a behavioural strategy of believing they always have tasks to complete, without actually taking on any more work. For me, it’s even worse – I am aware of having nothing to do! And that dresses my day in dark clothes.

Sort the e-mails, move the pile of invoices from left to right, poke through documents without any end target – fake work can be very difficult. So difficult, that I feel exhausted. A lack of mental demand quickly leads to boredom and a lack of desire. Why would anyone continue to work if boredom will only increase, or when they don’t know what they should do? Those affected like me feel unhappy because they suffer with the belief that they realistically could be doing much more, but have no opportunity to do so. They suffer as they receive no recognition from their colleagues and they find no reason to take pride in themselves. The whole day seems senseless, wasted and needless.

The problem is that many people don’t trust to mention the lack of challenging tasks or boredom for the fear of compromising their job. The aforementioned employees aren’t necessarily lazy. They want to work but they don’t necessarily receive the correct workload that they deserve. I am not lazy at all, I do want to work, I love to work, but there’s still nothing to do. That makes me depressive, especially by looking out of the window knowing that there are all the birds singing in the spring, the sun is shining and my cat is sitting all alone at home. This is this senseless that I don’t even understand the additional benefit by clocking out during the breaks. Sitting in the cafeteria or sitting at my desk doesn’t make any difference at all.

My telephone isn’t ringing, they could remove it and I would only recognize it when I wanted to call someone in private. But the biggest problem of all is having all the time to get into something. There’s someone jangling your nerves and you have 8 hours of time to get upset because of this. Too much time makes you think too much. You begin to read between the lines and you read much more than is written. You begin to take little walks to the cafeteria or the automat with all the sweets inside. You eat out of boredom.

I made an online test today – the result of the test shows you your level of boreout. In my case: 100 %!

Test Boreout

So this is my message to all the employers, entrepreneurs and taskmasters out there:

You are wasting my talent, my motivation and my will!

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