13. May 2018


Meet me in the forest of my dreams. We’ll make a fire and count the stars that shimmer above the trees. There’s no need for talking, we understand each others words without being spoken out loud. There’s only the two of us and the dark of the night.

I’ve missed this feeling for so long and now that you’re near, nobody could disturb this perfect moment. I am not afraid anymore because there’s you by my side. I don’t matter what the others will say or think or do. There’s just us. Two minds being together even when we’re far away.

Life is so difficult and sometimes I can’t stand all these people anymore. So I like to dream. It’s entirely my own world then. Everything is like it should be and you are here. It’s not that body holding me, it’s not these eyes looking at me with this cozy warmth. It’s this mind knowing all of me. Knowing me better than everyone else. It’s this feeling of letting go everything else. Being free to say whatever I want to, to do whatever I need to, doing whatever I love. Being me. Me and only me.

You’re the one I can be myself. Forgetting about all the others. My interests in focus. Only mine. Not doing anything at all because I’m afraid of losing something. Not doing anything I don’t want to do.

And still knowing that you will be there. By my side in my dreams. These dreams that don’t last for longtime.

The rock that stands in the waves becomes unclear. The water is salty and overcomes my rock. Overcomes my dreams.

I wake up with regret. I did not want to leave. Hurry up little girl. Fall asleep again and meet me. But be careful to open the right door. Otherwise you will end up in one of those nightmares.

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