4. June 2018

three apes

I am sitting in my bed with my cat and while she is cleaning herself, I am looking around on instagram. I do not follow anyone but the one’s I know also in real life. Normally, I do not want to spend so much time on the smartphone, and that’s why I am glad not to see so many new pics there. Most of the persons I do follow never do post anything at anytime. They are only nosy and want to see what’s going on.

But today I am not this tired, so I am looking around to see what other people are doing right now. Or even what they did today.

There are so many pics, but they are all the same. Hot blonde in Fitness Outfit. Hot guy lifting weights. Hot girl with dark hair drinking a smoothie and next is this muscle man who already looks like an ape with his body. Oh, I do not mean because of all the hairs, this guy does not have a single one I think. But the muscles are way tooooo much. Then there is this woman drinking her water and saying words like “Cheeting day!” I almost started to laugh out loud *lol*.

I am so annoyed. Society sucks.

Trend today: being sportive, eating healthy and focussing on your goals. A smoothie for breakfast combined with a little morning run in energy-saving mode. 10 kilometers are only for waking up, not really for training. Then a salad for lunch being well photographed in the right light so that it looks this tasty and yummy. Fresh for the day, not rich in calories so that we all feel light a feather. And in the evening? What? You dare to say that you are already done by behaving healthy? Not really! Because all these motivational quotes are suggesting us, that we are all lost without having trained like a beast. Be a beauty, train like a beast. Oh wow, where’s the fun in all that? Skip dinner, wake up thinner? I hope you recognise my irony!

Perhaps I am only jealous because of all these perfect bodies. Maybe… But to be honest, although these bodies seem to be perfect, absolutely desirable, I would miss the fun. What tastes better than life itself by sitting in the sun and eating a slice of bread with nutella? What feels better than this date with this awesome man in the cinema eating sugared popcorn just to kiss his sweet lips afterwards? Is it possible to eat something with lots of bad calories just right now in this moment without thinking about it? Without having a guilty conscience or training like a beast afterwards just to lose these bad calories afterwards.

Society is such a poser. And what shocked me most is that even my profile looks like this. I must admit, that I wouldn’t post any photo I feel uncomfortable with. Nobody wants to see a cellulite photo in the internet from her own body. But looking at other one’s photos with little faults makes us feel better. It teaches us, that there are other people who aren’t perfect at all in this world where everybod’s goal is to look like a skinny model who is able to wear absolutely everything because it just looks good on these skinny hips.

Perhaps, I should think about deleting my instagram account. I do not want to be like everybody else. I do not want to make me unhappy because of all these perfect shapes I see there, knowing that I will never have this perfect long legs myself. And in fact, I did not see any advantage yet by having this account. Even a thousand likes wouldn’t be enough if I am not able to love me like I am.

I really miss these times I could sit on the couch and feel home. These times I just forgot about my weight even by eating some chocolate. The times I looked at my slightly overweighted partner and knew that it is completely indifferent if I am about 50 kilos or even about 65. The time nobody knew instagram, facebook and youtube.

The time a real conversation was more sexy than following a thousand healthy girls with hot bodies biking, running and lifting weights.

Conclusion for today:


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