19. July 2018


Palma’s a tonic for any traveller. With an old-world charm, a laid-back island pace and three-hundred days of sun a year, it’ll refresh even the most frazzled of souls. Add an array of cutesy coves, classy eateries and buzzing bars to that heady mix and you’ve got a top battery-recharger.

Let’s start the journey clockwise, starting at its capital: Palma!

Palma Cathedral

A behemoth of goth. Everything at this Gothic cathedral is super-sized. It starts with the dizzying riot of flying buttresses that flank the outer walls and stretch towards the sky like sandstone tendrils. Inside, the mega-theme continues. Far above your head, the roof soars heavenwards, and dollops of coloured light drip through the colossal rose window. Prepare to feel tiny. catedraldemallorca.info

Bellver Castle

A perfect circle. This 14th-century castle is striking not only because of its unusual roundness – it’s also prime for priceless panoramas. After all, “Bellver” derives from the Catalan for “beautiful view”. Wind your way up the hill, clambering through fragrant pine groves, until you reach the top. With Palma Bay fanning out in front of you, it’s picture-postcard stuff. castelldebellver.palmademallorca.es

Royal Palace of La Almudaina

Not bad for a second or third (or fourth) home. This honey-coloured palace is the King of Spain’s pied-à-terre when he’s in town. Once a Moorish fortress, it was pinched by Jaume I when he conquered Mallorca in the 13th century. Inside you’ll find regal regalia, including massive tapestries, lion fountains and a smattering of A-list paintings from Titian, Caravaggio and Bosch.

Cycling in Palma

Cycling in Palma has recently got easier for both locals and visitors. While only residents can use the BiciPalma scheme, anyone can hire a bike from Palma on Bike. For a fun way to get to know the area, I’d suggest riding right around Palma Bay, from Molinar out to S’Arenal. If you don’t like bikes – you can also run along the beautiful way.

Palma itself

The harbour of palma is a wonderful place to eat fresh fish or just hang around and just eye up the ships and sailing yachts. The streets of Palma are pretty, tiny and with a perfect southern flair. If you go there by car, you either have to drive into a car park or you have to be a very good driver because of the many cars in these little streets. There are lots of beautiful shops with local stuff and newly, they do have a Disney Store. What pleased me the most are the little bars and cafés just in the center. A glass of wine there with good company is like having a sip of heaven.

Puro Beach

For the people who don’t know what to with their money, Puro Beach is a very snobby alternative:


A wonderful little mountain village with small houses in terracotta style are inviting you to have lunch or just drink some refreshing juices or some coffee. It is a place you can’t miss visiting this island. Even if it is always touristy, it does not lose its charm.

Jardins d’Alfàbia

Every flora and fauna lover must have seen these gardens. From cozy buildings, small ponds, horses to houses for the livestock surrounded by palm trees, there is everything here. The entrance costs about 6 €, but it is really worth seeing. I could imagine sitting there in a cozy corner and reading a book in the sun for the whole day.

Port de Sóller

In Port de Sòller you can just sit comfortably on the beach and look at the ships in the background. The beach is not the most beautiful, but it is a nice place with small shops.

Port Soller

But I would prefer Port de Sa Calobra – it is very beautiful there:

Monestary Lluc

Not far from there but more inland is the monastery Lluc. It’s none of my favourite tourist feature, but you can stop well if you pass it anyway.

Port de Pollenca

I love this little city most. It does have little shops with touristic stuff, but also little stores with special clothes and big hats. It is directly at the seaside and you can walk along the promenade just at the beach. There is restaurant to restaurant and it has super nice houses there.

Cap Formentor

I have to admit that this summer I was slightly appalled by the touristic status of this attraction. So far, I have always been in April or October on Mallorca and every single time I was able to drive by car along the beautiful hairpin bends all the way to the Cap. In the high season, however, there is a large parking lot after the first vantage point and only cyclists are allowed to reach the cap on their own. You will be transported to a large bus and driven to the cap. The costs are 1.55 € one way and in addition the parking costs 0.04 € per minute (or 12 € maximum). But anyway, it is and remains my favorite place of the whole island – and that’s not just because of the funny goat living there:

And this year, I thought of taking an apple with me for the goat!

way to Alcudia

Mallorca is well-known for all the cyclists and there really are a lot of them in April or October. On the way from Port de Pollenca to Alcudia, there are also a lot of kitesurfers.


Alcudia is my second Valdemossa. There’s no need to write anything about this wonderful place to be. Just look at these photos of narrow alleys and hot chocolate!

This time, I saw the most beautiful beach I ever saw on Mallorca. My boy-friend spotted this place by accident – he said it was intuition 🙂 It was just a bit south of Port d’Alcudia.

Cala Millor

I think the most beautiful place for families is Cala Millor. I have already been there twice and I appreciate the long promenade, where you can start the day jogging or watching the sunrise. It is very touristy, but I thought it was beautiful there.

Hotel recommendation in Cala D’Or: Apartementos Parque Mar

Normally, the accomodation I stay in are of average value. Only criteria is to be clean. But this time, I have to recommend Les apartementos Parque Mar. We booked a studio and received an upgrade for free for a flat in maisonette style. It was awesome!!! If I could built or create my own house, it would exactly look like this. I was flashed and hope to have the possibility to come again! Look at this beautiful place with seaview!


Les Cuevas del Drach

“The Cuevas del Drach were already known during the Middle Ages and were explored in 1880 by M. F. Will and in 1896 by E.A. Martel, who discovered the cave containing the lake that bears his name.
Between 1922 and 1935 the cave was conditioned to be visited by opening a new entrance, building paths, stairs, etc. and, above all, by installing electric lighting designed by the engineer, Mr. Buigas.
The tour takes about an hour, the length being about 1,200 metres, and includes a classical music concert and a boat trip across Lake Martel. The temperature inside is about 21°C and the humidity 80%.”

Take a look at their homepage for further information – and don’t miss the classical concert!

All along the way back to Palma, there are beautiful lookouts. So if you don’t know what to do today on that island – take the car and just drive around and make a stop wherever your heart takes you!


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