10. August 2018

Life is a tree

I imagine life like a tree. It is big and strong and has all the beautiful different colors to offer. A little miracle of nature. Life!

What is your tree like? Does it look just a bit sad and no leaves are left? Meanwhile springtime, is it green and has blossoms on it? Beautiful ones, blossoms that smell like summer? Perhaps with fruits on it? Life pushes his way through the buds. And sometimes you don”t know how you really feel. The leaves are yellow and orange and sometimes they fall down just to get foliage and die.

Everyone has its roots, the place they do belong to. For one this is the family thing. For others, this is a place on earth. For me it is the desire to be surrounded by people I love. I am not sure if I could really set my roots in another way, into another direction. Perhaps I would’t get enough water there and I would either recognize to feel unhappy…. or I would determine to be happier than ever. Who knows… Nobody knows… But my own. The grass is greener. Perhaps. Perhaps not. I know… But not in advance. Be courageous and just try. What does it cost? You’ll always have your roots, won’t you?

The branches of the tree do symbolize the many paths we could take in life, the choices we have. There are so many possibilities and you never know if the opportunity you take is the right one. How do you know that it was the right decision? Turn left… No, no… turn right. Take this path. Take this decision. Do this or do that. Be courageous. I haven’t been.

There were so many decisions I took. What was it good for? There were times I was sure I did all wrong. I was sure that my roots wouldn’t withstand the wind. I was afraid to get uproot. I was sure to fall and never stand up again. With every step I took, I felt like destroying this beautiful tree.

Would you do it all again like you did? If you fall down the tree, would you climb up the same way?

One thing leads to another and some things had to be like this so that I am where I am right now. Some doors only open by closing another. Some things just make sense after longtime.

I found many leaves that accompanied me for a while. Some were of beautiful color and some were like rotten fruits. Some of them, I just didn’t recognize, but the time they fell apart, I started to miss them.

Do trees have feelings?

I don’t know if this is true but someone once told me, that you could kill a tree by just hammering a single copper nail into the trunk. I never tried but I am sure it’s true.

Perhaps everybody has his own copper nail and perhaps some are more toxic than others. Perhaps you can pull out the nail. Perhaps you can’t force it on your own.

I am sitting in the middle of the branches of my tree and wondering where to go next. It is a warm and windy summer day and I just dangle my feet. My eyes are looking up to what comes next. The branches to my left are sparse but beautiful. The branches to my right are full of life and it feels more familiar.

Someone once said to me: If you have to choose between two opportunities, choose the one you are the more afraid of. That would be the right decision. Because good things never come easy in life.

Someone else said: Old brooms are really good, but the old ones do know the corners better.

And another one sang a song which impressed me much. The song is about a girl who rides her horse so that the horse jumps for her. But in front of an abyss, the horse suddenly stops and refuses to go on. The girl kisses the horse between the nostrils and knows that in the end, she has to jump all on her own. Courage is not having no fear. It is jumping despite the fear.

I’ve learned so much from my mistakes, I would do it all again. With more courage this time. And I know that I will stand in the end at the top of my tree and no matter how strong the wind may be, I will fall down on a soft meadow of leaves in a wood of fairy-tales.

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