In spring-time 2018, I made my holidays on the Philippines. It was a beautiful holiday as you can see following this Link.

But one thing won’t get out of my mind. And that is this poor dog I told you about. Sometimes – like today – I come back home after a nice date with my friends. We drank wine and laughed a lot.

… and we spent so much money for a bottle of wine, that it stands out of proportion to the origin value of it.

I think this is the same thing with all the consumption we make. We search our satisfaction in material things. Advertisement makes us believe that we would be happier with all this unnecessary stuff. They put us a need in our heads which isn’t real.

I am sitting on my couch in this moment and my eyes are browsing around my living room. There are so much things I do not need. I never even take them out of the cupboard. It gets worse looking into my storeage for my shoes. And it gets almost awkward looking into my wardrobe. I will never ever be able to wear all this. My father keeps saying: “You do not need to buy anything new until you die! You will be dressed to kill until you die.”

Yeah, he’s right.

I think our world we are all living on has enough power to afford everyone a healthy and wealthy life. But for this bold statement, we need to become clear what wealth really means.

If I would ask you, what is wealth for you. What would you answer?

I think most of us know, that we are all living in the lap of luxury.

…and then, there are these animals in these poor countries who are prowling around in the dirt having diseases and vermin in their fur. Like this dog I could hardly stand to take a photo of. I call him Scratchy:

2018.02.19 - Philippinen 39.JPG

He was sitting at the beach and was scratching himself so hard, that you could see no fur at all, only his bare skin. His genital was looking even worse and I don’t think that this will get any better. I am not a doctor, but I can’t just look away like all the other people. They are making holidays and spending so much money, and nobody thinks about feeding these poor creatures.

For me, this is not explainable.

How can they sit on the table and have a ostentatious dinner with fun, when there are creatures like this under their table, begging for something to eat? How is it possible, that our society is this ignorant? How is it possible, that this gap is this big between rich and poor? How could it be, that this does not gnaw at one’s conscience?

My boyfriend and me, we were taking a walk on the island and there was this cat. She had this lovely eyes begging for something to eat. Then I realised, that this cat had so many babies she had to feed. It was impossible for me to go away without doing something. And I absolutely cannot understand, why this is possible to all the other tourists. They are rich, they can buy everything there – and they do not have anything remaining for these cats? Are you kidding me?

Same situation during my time in Istanbul. I visited this city with my friend. She does not like animals much. We had a nice dinner and there was this cat under the table. She was so thin, she almost died of starvation. My friend observed me and said: “Oh, you won’t give this cat something from our table, don’t you! You can’t do that, this is embarassing!”

The only thing embarassing is our society. Creatures are going to die because of our misbehaviour.

Shame on us!

When we left Malapasqua Island, I wrote a letter to the owner of the Tresher Cove Dive Resort. I putted some money in and asked him to feed the poor dog. I don’t know if he did what I begged him for, but I felt better like this. And the dog was much too shy to eat anything I wanted to give him.

Next time, I want to make it just like this and better. I want to collect money. And everytime, I am on holidays, I will do something good with that money. Next time, I will not give it to someone, but do the necessary stuff on my own.

If you want to help, I would be proud as hell. And perhaps, Scratchy could have an appointment with the doctor with this money. To get some medicine and some fur, so that it is not only me who is dressed to kill until she dies. I will keep you updated and perhaps, you want to help me helping the others.

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  1. that’s you opinion but don’t judge someone else because he is not thinking the way you do….
    Do you think that all other peoples are not good peoples only why they do not see what you see????
    Everybody has is own why of life and have their own way of thinking…
    Good or right does not exist!!!! Erverbody has its own thinking and that is what most of us do not understand.
    Think about it….


    • That’s not what I said. Everybody has his own interests and I do not judge people as bad people. I only wanted to make them aware of all this. And yes, I definitely cannot understand why most people do not see all these poor creatures, that’s a fact.



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