extraordinary warrior

The warrior awakens, she was made a warrior overnight. She gets ready, she thinks she spent the longest time waiting, spent words, getting too comfortable.

But now timelessness is spreading and the sleeper awakens and is ready. Freed from space, she lives in the vision, she walks through your dream on a secret mission. She struggles to awaken the others from their dream because she knows that many little warriors are in them.

And yet she does not say:

Come with me!

she asks for your dream, asks

Why are you here?

She has the power of magic, in the flow of time everything becomes clear to her, She perceives her future with all her senses. She extends the now through her consciousness, and filled with the moment, she takes the next step and knows there is no turning back now.
Because now she wakes up, but her dream continues because the magic works. She wakes up and knows it.

She wakes up from the dream that collectively dreams, Has finally cleaned up with her old ideas. Replace the isolation and replace it with the vision that we are one on a wave.
Because life is a river that has to flow. let it flow.

And the warrior says decisively:

It’s time to decide who you are, where you’re going, which side you’re on. It’s time for you to understand that you are turning the wheel of time.

We have a fight, most of them carry it out silently, only the result comes out of them.
And she can see it. As a warrior she feels, it exists. Now that she knows the secret, she feels the magic of monotony in rhythm. And energy like never before, it replaces the theory.

And it becomes clear to her that harmony brings the power, Her dream comes true, she has made it. Now she wakes up, but her dream continues because the spell works, she wakes up and knows it.

The magic of the music gives you the strength, Go the next step, then you’ve done it.
The warrior shows you a piece of free land, a place in your head she found, and gives you her hand, that you touch. And you feel you are one. It happens, you have the same vision.

Now you see what she sees. And you see warriors everywhere, and everyone is known to you. Every face, every story is related to you. They fight for life, that’s why the warriors are here. They live for the dream and all are part of you and give you a feeling like a shield. You have missed it for a long time. That as long as you are not fighting alone, step into the circle and do what you know.

And the knowledge brings the power with which you free yourself, and thereby completely free from fear. Redeem what is dozing in you. Because then you wake up and your dream continues because its magic works.

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  1. This is impressive.



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