6. September 2018


So Colmar…

A pretty nice piece of earth with fantastic wine and fantastic company. I always wanted to go there, but it took me more than one year to take this short distance. But what I found there was lot more than I expected.

Some friends of mine and me, we do travel one time a year together. This time, it had to be something we can go to, without taking an aeroplane, and we needed a target which we could see in only one or two days. So we decided to go ‘en Alsace’.

It took us two and a half hour to drive from Stuttgart to Colmar. We were five girls and we all work at the same company. It is always funny and every girl has her own role in our little team.

There’s Miss V., a pretty girl and nobody knows why she’s still single. Perhaps it’s because of her claims, we don’t know. I like her, she’s so similar to me and yet so different. She laughs a lot and knows how to party.

There’s Miss M., she’s a wonderful mother and I know her the longest of all. Her turkish roots make life a bit complicated for her. This is a pity, ’cause she got such a warm heart.

There’s Miss H., our princess. If she’s wearing a white dress, she got the suitable white shoes, the suitable white jacket and the suitable white earrings. She is as pretty as unindependent. I like her much, even if I can’t understand buying bags for 2.000 Euros.

Ther’s Miss C., she’s the tough girl who knows what she wants in life and takes all its consequences. I admire her for that, and that’s why I always ask her in case I do have any problems. She’s always honest and is one of the very few persons, who are telling me what I do not want to hear, just because it’s like that.

Finally, there’s me. Miss Obsolet. I don’t really know which part I do have in this team. Perhaps I am a little bit an organisator who keeps the team together. And perhaps I take care of the balance in the group.

We booked a nice apartment which has enough space for all the Misses. It’s called Les Appartements de home petite Venise. It was directly in the center, that’s why we had to park the car in a car park. But it was near, so don’t worry. The apartment has it’s own special flair. A very narrow staircase leads up to several floors. Going up, I wondered how all the furniture found its way through this house. In the hallway it smelled wonderfully of freshly baked croissants (because of the bakery besides). The landlady was a very nice woman. We called her half an hour before arrival and she greeted us right outside the house. It used to be a fisherman’s house and is one of the oldest houses in the city. It was so nice with two sleeping rooms, a big couch, a bathroom, a toilet and even a little kitchen:

So let’s find something to eat. Sounds simple, was difficult. It was already two o’clock and there are in Colmar felt a hundred nice cafes and restaurants. Unfortunately, none of them does have a hot kitchen to this time. Despite any seat. We were not only searching for diner, we also wondered to find a table for us five girls. Tourism is extreme at the weekend and it has an incredible number of people. But with a bit patience, we found some delicious salad and one typical french pie:

Colmar isn’t big and it does not offer much shops, but for walking around and have a nice day, it is perfect. And you can walk a nice route without taking any means of transport. That’s what I liked. As you see on the map, everything is quite near:


There’s a little train you can take to drive comfortable and slow through the old town. My ladies prefered to go by boat:

To be honest, it was funny and nice, but it’s more to have something to show to the tourists. It was 7 Euro per person. Anyway… Quand tu sautes, je saute!

A nice church passed our way and I was flashed by so much funny details which are hidden in this town. Look at the building with the watering cans on the front side. You just have to see it with your own eyes.

The French have given the Statue of Liberty to the Americans. Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi (born August 2, 1834 in Colmar, † October 4, 1904 in Paris) was a French sculptor. His family, originally from northern Italy, immigrated to Alsace via Thurgau and southern Germany. Bartholdi’s most famous work is the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, New Jersey, which was originally called Bartholdi statue. A Statue of Liberty is found, albeit on a smaller scale, as well as in Paris, Las Vegas and Colmar, his hometown.

In the town center, there are markings on the floor, which seemingly point the way to the statue. Don’t let them fool you – this may be a bit of a walk, because the statue is just outside the city.

If you want to buy any souveniers, you should go to the Covered Market, a nice market hall with French specialties.

In the morning, I took the most interesting run I ever made. Just above Colmar, five castles are hidden in the forest. Majestically, they emerge from the landscape and you get through the wood to a ruin, le Château de Hagueneck. I climbed up the stairs and felt kind of free. This placed impressed me and it almost felt like kissing a prince in this castle.

I was sad leaving this place. This forest is already owned. There are living a lot of deers – but you have to be quiet to see them. They are so shy and so volatile. And they choose wisely with whom they talk…

I did not take any photos there, it’s just in my mind.


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