I was really in trouble this week. I changed the function of a standard button in Ribbon Workbench by adding a command to it. As it did not work like this, I wanted to uncustomise what I did and reset the standard button to standard. This did not work either and this would be the bigger problem for me. So let’s see how you can reset your changes on standard button in Ribbon Workbench:

If you customise a standard button, the Ribbon Workbench shows your button with a red mark. As long as you did not publish, you can still change to function “Uncustomise Button / Command”, but once you published, you don’t get this choice anymore.


Enlarge Image

I did change the ‘Activate’ and the ‘Deactivate’ Button in each of the three grids.

So, let’s see how it should work, but it unfortunately didn’t.

To set these buttons to default state, I did export my solution in which I made the changes via Ribbon Workbench. I opened the file ‘customisations.xml’ out of this export file and tried to delete the changes I made. I saw the changes in Visual Studio in RibbonDiff.xml – made a right click and then view history:


Enlarge Image


Enlarge Image

After having made my changes, I imported the solution again as a zip-file, but an error occured all the time that I would not pay attention of some dependences. But I am sure, this could work out like this.

And now, the solution that worked out is twice as simple:

I made a right click on the button I wanted to reset to default state and wanted to click on delete then. It did not work either. I recognized, that there is a Command written in CommandCore that is not listed in the Command list:


Enlarge Image

I created a new Command without any content which was named exactly like the command, my button wanted to use. After this, I was able to delete the button. Et voilà, my problem was solved the easy way! The buttons were standard again and I was happy!

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