9. November 2018

About Life

Where can I pick you up, where can I take you with me? And if it goes down a bit, I tell a little bit about life. After a fucking day, to give you the certainty that it is not true, when others say it is all in vain. Do not go on it, do not give up, do not throw it all away!  Because something in you knows, this is not bad at all! Take this proof of life, because what takes you further are the problems, just those that are meant for you. Because you grow on them, you set the destiny. Go further in the text, a bit towards hero! Are you burned at the end, like a star in the sky? And a little further away,  you fall from the sky again!

And because all this repeats, for all eternity, the efforts are rewarded at all times. And we are blooming again. Yes, we can burn! But I’m not sorry and I get prepared – and always ready to fall from the sky again.

I often got stranded, but I got up again! And even on the ground, I never heard it.  Knowing that it was me always came in my mind. And when things get worse, it’s because I have to experience it. I swim up, go under and am always in the now. I always get up, because I never resist. I was always on the move and will end one time. Then my life was a single river until that day.

And how hard the way might be, you have to understand the rules. Nobody ever put one foot in front of the other: We stumbled, fell, sometimes hurt ourselves. But as long as confidence heals, we will not give up everything.  I’m always ready and still on it.  Consequences of intuition, even against all reason.  And the inspiration for your life too.  Then give me a moment that makes a difference! Give me a moment!

By recognizing each other and awakening forever, then you can see that we are not that different, because we are inside!

I do not know where you were or were you seen? How much did you give or were you?  You survived and if this moves you here, it is a character that actually works!
Because we are wonderful beings, we talk small.
And it should be something else.
We are at home in life, I am destined for everything. And everything was immediately enjoyed by these doors.  I will grow, and ripe is the best part.  As soon as I am left behind, I turn it off.  To make it clear that there was nothing to miss.

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