16. November 2018

Tell me

I balance, I stumble, I fall!

I fight, I run, I crawl!

I laugh, I love, I kiss!

I long, I need, I miss!

I’m noisy, I’m loud, I’m crazy!

I’m alive, I’m on, I’m lazy!

I’m powerful, I’m strong, I’m proud!

I’m small, I’m helpless, I shout:

Tell me why, and tell me when!

Tell me, will I have myself back again?

Tell me now, and tell me true!

Tell me, am I here for me or you?

Don’t exaggerate, don’t underestimate, don’t lie!

Don’t force, don’t hide, don’t deny!

Don’t make, don’t create, don’t do!

Don’t suffer, don’t fall, don’t you?!

Be yourself, take care, believe!

Look at me, see deep, achieve!

Follow me, walk strong, go fast!

Hurry up, let go, forget the past!

Nothing happens, nothing changes!

Nothing matters, nothing rearranges!

Nothing works, nothing is done!

Nothing is nothing, and nothing has gone!

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Imperfection is beauty, madness is genious. it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.


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