28. November 2018


Show, all show, we all do it just like that.
Sit back and enjoy the show!

How are you? Modest? More bad than right? I know life is suffering, but slowly I really believe, that there is no one who is bursting with energy in these times.  Do not complain about, puke, do not just mess up! Do not backbite and lie! Are you self-sufficient?
One who rests in himself and does not cheat on himself, his destiny was filled with his own good luck. One who draws the right conclusions from setbacks!

One who loves only for the sake of love, not to satisfy his desire. One who forgives everything, whose mind does not cry all the time.  One who is silent and makes no noise, thus freeing himself from suffering within himself. One who is more than just a part of his world.

When time stands still, and he holds his breath. Yes, who has what it takes to kick off, because everything else is just a show.

You still think you are somebody, but you empty yourself first. Then you realize how much all thinking distracts you. Now you find out you are somebody, even without thought.
And soon you will not find it difficult to anchor yourself in it.  First your breath calms down and you follow it inside.  Drop your eyelids and be with all your senses inside, it’s just enough to breathe. What you discover then… Yes, I can reveal so much, it is worth more than anyone ever lost. Is not very heavy, only a few grams or so. No one knows how to get through the inner gate.
But the determination, she penetrates through all layers.  Yes, the liberation of everything is probably ahead of us all. If not in life, then on everyone, if death brings one.
Although not wanted by anyone, in the end, everyone is like this!
And that’s why it’s better you enjoy the show!

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