I saw the world. I closed my eyes and saw the world. I let her turn around, I wanted to go on. It was beautiful to watch her, making her way through space. And I gave each person a world and I gave space to the world. In my head, as soon as I knock, doors open and they lead me back to my planet, a little bit to me. I can feel it, I’ll come to you, I’ll touch you. You are as I define the woman, the man, the animals.

The meaning is the life and the pursuit of the question of who I am.

Life contains this much, my opinion might be outdated, yet dare my picture, I design this picture. The object woman, it brings the child. The desire is adornment, shows dignity. It is the wonder, knowledge of the world. Under the sky, tinder illuminates the globe. And now the question arises: hello, I am! Who are you? And do you hear what I say?

I have seen the world, clear as crystal. I’ve closed my eyes, wonderful as the universe. We are here, we are everywhere. The warrior keeps track of what’s in him. My warrior is ready to fight. I am ready to fight. Ready to live. He leaves the rest behind, but fortunately a piece of me is also in him, so he discovers the security that remains, even if it drives him away. The path branches, showing him the loneliness. Is it from the beginning of time, that his book of life is written? I flick through the chapter of the past and search for my warrior. I created him, I call him and follow my destination. In all my travels is the inspiration. I am home, mother earth. And I will inherit the seed. I represented the act of life, which quenched the thirst. The warrior is willing to covet the urge to score, the gate of the dimensions, adore crossing the gate.

Space and time declare themselves ready to continue the tree, because the dream opens the doors to reality, nor is it too late. See what history teaches you, what it reveals. in which direction your future is directed. For who is there, who is thinking, when the wheel of time turns and turns, which gives you the life.

I have seen the world, we are here and everywhere. The tribe of warriors, millions in number. The recognition and naming determines the choice. I am the keeper of the keepers, I am the sign, the proof. I take my place and leave the circle. The step to encounter is the step to unity. Unity has been our home since the emergence of time. Are you aware of what is inside you? Are you aware of what your soul awakens in you? The moment awakens where I laugh in you. I am your mirror, so that you recognize yourself. Call me by my name, give me the sight. Because you steer my view into the future, ready for the truth. What you are doing with what is already certain. Time shows us the way we go. Let me guide you, let me slide into a new world, accept the course of things.

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