12. December 2018

the death list

It’s the story of the big brown bear with his death list.

The big brown bear lives in the forest and all animals have the greatest respect. And now there is a rumor that the big brown bear has a death list. The animals in the forest are all very excited and everyone fears for his life.
The moose first takes a heart and goes to the big brown bear. The moose asks the bear,:

You bear, is my name on your death list?

The big brown bear answers the moose succinctly:

Yes, that’s you!

The moose frightens terribly and runs out of fear very quickly back into the depths of the forest. He was not seen until the next morning, when the other forest dwellers saw him lying dead behind a tree.

The animals become even more restless. The fox just can not take it anymore and now wants to know it as well. He also looks for the big brown bear and asks him the question:

You, Bear, am I on your death list too?

Even the fox receives to his horror the same answer as the elk:

You too are on my death list, yes.

The fox hardly trusts his ears and is totally shocked. He also runs away, and is found dead the next day in the forest.

The mood is getting worse by the day and the animals are totally scared. The brave little rabbit, however, keeps a cool head. Determined, he hops to the cave of the big brown bear.

Big brown bear, can you answer my question? I would like to know if I am also on your death list.

The big brown bear looks directly at the little rabbit and says:

you are also on the list, my bunny.

The little rabbit has already thought of something like that and still takes a step towards the big brown bear. The little rabbit waves a little to the big bear, so that he leans down towards him. When the big head of the big brown bear is very close to that of the little rabbit, the little rabbit says:

Can you please cross off my name from the list?

The big brown bear ponders for a second, than he says:





Communication is everything.

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