19. December 2018


On your life’s paths, you should live for life. Everything you do not have, is what you think you’ll miss. And if you do not get something, you believe that you love it. What conquers you is what you think will do you good. And for everything that holds you, you do not just pay with money.

No matter what scares you, you give it the power to do so. And before you make me stupid, just attend to your own affairs. We are looking for collateral, but even if it hurts you: all we have is the here and now. In that moment, quite clearly, everything that was previously separated unites together. And you see, you are in paradise, and you are still holding on to hell. Forever, if you do not let go now. Let go, be free. Come to you, be there! Give up and get big. Give everything, let go! Become aware of what you have learned over the years. If only to find out how far you have moved away from you.

You do not want to be alone and realize that beauty is only skin-deep. Because you were actually alone all of your life. In search of security, you lose your freedom and waste your time. And yet you know with certainty, that nothing of what is here, stays that way. It is the moment that knows the signs of the times and the mind that separates you from everything. You cling to more and more things and feelings, it gets you cold faster. And what you hold becomes ambush behind you. And your apparent security is just a trick to just fleeing the moment. But the unspoken word lasts forever!

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Imperfection is beauty, madness is genious. it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.


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