The sun moves past me, although it actually stands, while the world goes by so slowly.
And when it dawns and the night wakes, begins a downfall that kills every day.
What this world negates in the daytime, invites them at night. And one of her shadows will be made by me.
Everybody offers dark sides of his soul for exchange, among people who seek and find nothing but intoxication. They grab for me, and sometimes they catch me, They pull me down into the bunker full of dark grimaces. Here I can overcome limits and bet my soul.  Or find an angel and save me.

There is a way to see the sun no longer rise. Is this able to take your pleasure of life? I share with each and every night the burden and misery of our need. In the fear of life and death. In this lifelong struggle that makes you ill and steals power, I hang on everything that makes me weak and sucks. I refuse to accept what hurt and would never admit I was ever wrong. But if it is true that one becomes perfect only through mistakes, and if it is true that someone who is attached at life out of fear, is completely mistaken, then the pain to let go is probably nothing against the pain when everything is taken away from you.

On a stormy night, dreams go out like candlelight, and those who do not speak from the heart have a pain in them, They guard and hide it behind a thousand excuses. I should pray, but something is against it. I want to forgive because doubt stabs my life. I can not believe that my love is broken by the ego. I want to trust and I can not remember how to do that. I sometimes see morning dawn, and sometimes, I only see dense fog.
But I do not mean to end this way, I do not intend to give up. I will change this life and I will survive it. A new morning will come and it will bring hope to anyone who awakens newly born in pain from the coma, so that the fire of the heart kindles a new one. This has brought life into these hands every day for the light of the night to end.

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