I was standing there, looking at this picture. I do not know, if it took me over to get there. Maybe a bit, maybe it had to be that way.

I admired this picture many times before, but I never saw it for real. If my friends are not really interested in this picture, then I do not want to force anyone to come with me to the art gallery!

I felt comfortable doing this alone now. I went through the big galleries, but the other art paintings did not interest me at all. A red rectangle with the inscription ‘Tomato’ written on the wall, that’s no art for me. That does not appeal to me, anyone can do that.

But what is art? Is there a definition for that? How much can be interpreted into a work of art?

The art gallery offers large rooms with high ceilings, narrow long corridors, and self-opening doors.
And in the very last corner, barely findable, there it is finally. The picture I made such a fuss about… The picture everyone’s making noise about. It gets much attention even in the media.

It is the famous picture of the girl with the balloon. Love is in the bin. The girl in the picture is young, she is drawn in black and white. She grabs a balloon that floats in the air. The balloon is red.
It’s hard to say if the girl deliberately lets the balloon fly, or if it’s an attempt to recapture the balloon.

I was standing there for a long time, and observed the large frame and its contents. Good to have finally seen it. I would really like to know what banksy thought of. What does the girl think?

It is Saturday and to my surprise, many people were on the way there. It was nice weather, that’s why I was amazed, that people do not prefer to go outside.

… But I could ask myself the same thing.

Meanwhile, it has become late at night and after a tiring film without company, it is time for bed. I feel a bit lonely today. The voices in the TV are silent now and even the cat sleeps exceptionally once without loud noises.

I am lying in my bed for two hours now, and I just cannot close my eyes. I am tired but can’t sleep. I do miss my good night kiss, I miss my best friend by my side. And above all else, I’m missing my laughter. And yet it is better to be alone today.

I am reflecting my life and I am trying to value my own life. What’s been good, what’s been bad, what’s been a shitty idea…

And suddenly I realize: The little girl in the picture, she does not chase after the balloon… She releases the balloon into liberty!

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