In a hurry, in a rush, I take step by step to move forward. Time is running, my feet are trying to catch up the same speed. I am stumbling, but I can’t make it part of the dance.

I’m moving forward but backwards.

Always on the run, no time for a break. Always in a hurry. Not for me.

Trying to catch it before it falls down.

I used to dance, I loved to dance! It was so naturally, my feet moving without instructions. The music accompanied me and the chords of the guitar guided me the way.

There’s this sound missing. The natural heartbeat in my chest has gone and made space for this hurry. Unfilled wishes replaced the laughter in my eyes. I became only a number out of hundreds.

Sudden lights take the rays of light into my longing heart and make me promises they can’t fulfill. They leave me disappointed and the wheel turns again.

This hunger to get back my dance burns deep down, a little flame waiting for oxygen. To burst out of this dead body and sing with all my voice the song of life. Like birds cutting noise in the air with their wings to fly high enough to see the world from another point of view. To gain distance and see the world clear again.

I look up in the sky and try to catch it, try to achieve what they all do so carefree. My hands do touch my breast and calms down the excited heart of mine.

Something’s about to change.

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