26. August 2019

into the sea

There is this beach, long, wide, sandy. It’s early in the morning and there is this girl standing between the rocks. Her feet are buried in the sand. She loves this place so much although she had seen it only once. This place gives her calm and rest. She feels connected and not alone.
The wind blows her hair in any direction and the waves keep forcing their way to the beach. The girl seems to be young standing there with this shorts. But in fact she is much older. She even feels older than she really is.
The girl starts slowly to move her feet to get them out of the sand. They are wet so the grains of sand keep sticked to them. She has a wonderful brown skin and her legs are strong. She goes on a bit towards the seaside where the waves are playing their game in coming and going in one turn.
As I am standing just behind her, I can smell the scent of her hair. The long ends whip my face and from half aside I can see her beautiful brown eyes. They are so honest and they are so sad as well. She seems to carry a big weight with her tearing her down. These brown eyes seem to keep a secret nobody knows.
She is not aware of my presence even if I am standing only a few centimeters away. She does not realize she is not alone. She takes some steps into the water now and the gishes splashes on her legs wild and uncontrollable. She goes on bit by bit and seems to do that in slow motion. Her arms just hang down and her legs disappear more and more into this moving ocean. The contrast couldn’t be any bigger between her being so quiet and peaceful while the sea is rough, powerful and tremendous!
I am observing her from the beachfront while she gets smaller and smaller. I can barely see the girl lifting her arms. She touches something with her hands. She seems to have found something. She looks up into the sky and if she wouldn’t be standing just in the middle of the water, she would have surely dropped down on her knees.
From one second to another the girl seems to be desperate and with an unreal and overwhelming moment, she opens her mouth. Than she screems out in a volume that does not feel like this could be real. She just cries out everything that hides deep down and her veins emerge on her throat.
I just watch her and I cannot believe that this tiny little girl could be this loud. Her pain terrifies me!
And suddenly she throws something away between this rocks into the sea. I am not able to identify what it is. It reflects the sun before it smashes into the sea. Could be a little peace of metall or silver. And it’s gone forever.

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  1. I want to read more 💙



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