A long time ago there was a beautiful little island. All feelings, characteristics and qualities of the people lived together harmoniously: The humor and the good mood, the pride and the wealth, the sadness and the loneliness, the happiness and the intuition, the knowledge and all the many other feelings, characteristics and qualities that make up a human being. Of course, love was at home there too.

One day, surprisingly, the news spread, that the island was threatened with sinking and would soon sink into the ocean. So everyone made their ships ready to leave the island. Only love, whose ship was not seaworthy, wanted to wait until the last moment. She was very attached to the island.

When the island was already sinking, love asked the others for help.

Wealth was about to set sail on a very luxurious ship, when love asked him:

“Wealth, can you take me with you?”

“No, you can’t. I have a lot of gold, silver and precious stones on my ship. There’s no place for you anymore.”

So love asked the pride that came by on a large and beautifully designed ship.

“Proud, please, can you take me with you?”

“Love, I can’t take you with me,”

replied the pride,

“everything is perfect here and you could damage my beautiful ship.”

Next love asked sadness,

“Sadness, please take me with you.”

“Oh dear,”

replied the sadness,

“I am so sad that I have to stay alone.”

When the good mood started, she was so content and exuberant that she didn’t even hear that love was calling her.

Suddenly a voice called:

“Come on love, you can go with me.”

Love was so grateful and so happy that she completely forgot to ask her savior for his name.

Love later asked knowledge:

“Knowledge, can you tell me who it was that helped me?”


replied the knowledge,

“that was the time.”


Asked Love in astonishment,

Why did time of all things help me?”

And the knowledge replied:

“Because only time understands how important love is in life.”

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