23. April 2020

Just one

I sit here in silence and listen to the sweet sound of my cat’s breathing. Her belly goes up and down as fresh air fills her lungs.

I look around the room and wonder what am I doing here. There’s sun outside and there’s no single cloud in the sky. I think about my life. Last times, I often do so. I am at an age now, where half of my life has already been lived. Second half now.

We have just one. Just this single one.

Am I doing it right? Is there something I should change to finally be happy? I think I don’t know how to be happy anymore.

Just one life. Just one chance. And today is another day wasted with work and other things I think I need to do. I know I am wasting my life but I don’t know how to stop.

If I step outside, I will miss this tender touch of a warm and cozy home. If I stay inside, I don’t know if I am enclosing myself in a cage I can’t open anymore.

Just one life.

They say it’s enough if you do it right.

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