The little mermaid was sitting on the sand at the beach, waiting for her beloved. She has been waiting there every evening for a long time. She has long blonde hair when she moves in the water, and the strands of hair swim wildly around your head, making it appear as if the mermaid has hair out of wild snakes and eels. The delicate figure is streamlined and moves elegantly through the waves to the shore. As soon as the mermaid leaves the water, her hair turns into a light brown. And with the rays of the sun, her hair shines in a soft shade of red.
Her beloved always comes to the same place by the sea at the same time. He knows that she is there and that she is waiting for him. He is tall, apparently fearless, and at home on the mainland. He is connected to his homeland but also loves the little detour to the sea. There she shows him a whole new world. The mermaid then tells him about the sea and the animals there and everything she experiences. In return, he tells her about all the nice things you can do on the mainland. Family and happiness, and the feeling of being one unit together with peoples you love.
The mermaid is also waiting for her husband this evening, but he is late. She was about to leave when his large and beautiful body can be seen on the horizon. He slowly approaches and walks with bare feet straight into the sea on the shore. Spray washes him and his legs and toes dig a little more into the wet sand with each step.
They greet each other tentatively with a light kiss. It’s a wonderful feeling and while it tastes salty and moist, his lips are warm and lively. So they sit on the bank and tell beautiful stories from days gone by. They tell each other about their dreams and desires, their hopes and longings. The sun is slowly starting to set. A red fireball kissing the sea level on the horizon. It’s getting dark and that’s the sign for the little mermaid to leave. This is always a strange feeling. The little mermaid captures a mixture of longing, homesickness and melancholy. She doesn’t know where she would prefer to be. Wouldshe like to go ashore with her loved one and dive into his world, or would she like to go back to her roots, discover the world and just swim away? She would prefer to be a bird. Free and carefree. Not tied to the sea or land.
Her lover bends down to her in the water, takes her little head in his hands and looks her deep in the eye. And then he kisses her. He kisses her with so much love and tenderness that the little mermaid’s eyes fill up with tears. Actually, she doesn’t know why she was about to cry. Because it’s so beautiful? Because she doesn’t want to go? Because she has to go? She does not know. She only knows that this kiss is beautiful. And the moment their lips meet, the sun disappears completely on the horizon.
The mermaid slowly dissolves and slides down into the water. Her beloved remains with his feet in the salty water. But there is no sign of sadness in him. He knows that this story will repeat itself the next day. No matter how different their worlds are, yet they both know that the other one will be there. Every single day.

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