Once upon a time there was a frog standing in front of a mighty river. A scorpion came along and stopped. He stood undecided, not sure whether to cross the river or not. Then he said to the frog:

“Can’t you take me on your back and let me climb on you to cross the river?”

The suspicious frog replied:

“No, I don’t trust you, you will bite me with your sting.”

The scorpion who had to go to the other side said:

“I promise I won’t sting you. If you do this for me, I will respect you and do you no harm. In addition, we’d both go under if I stung you.”

Only then did the frog believe the scorpion’s words and agreed. When they were halfway, however, the frog felt the sting of the vicious scorpion.

Confused, the frog asked:

“Why did you bite me? You know we’re both going to die by drowning now. “

And the scorpion replied:

“I’m sorry, it’s in my nature, I can’t change.”

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