One day we’ll die.
Yes, but not on all other days.

You always have two options in life. Either you enjoy it or you don’t enjoy it. There is nothing more disgusting than bathing in self-pity and talking badly to your own life. I do not excel there. Basically I know that I have everything I need and yet a piece is missing. A crucial piece is missing and without that all is nothing. Not a day that I don’t miss the missing piece of the puzzle. Not a day that I don’t think about it. Many days when I wanted to replace the part and yet it doesn’t fit in the gap. It never fits into the gap and basically I sometimes don’t even want it to fit. Then everything is unfair again, everything is mean. Sometimes this strange thought that I deserve it.
The thought that at some point I will have to die and the gap just won’t close fast enough. But what about all the other days ?! Enjoy it, live it, experience it! Feel the life and all the beautiful things! Don’t think about tomorrow and above all: think about yourself too!
One day I will die and then I look back on my many days and then I don’t just want to see this void! Then I want to see how I lived, how I made the most of it on all other days! I want to see how happy I was without closing the gap. I see these famous pictures run before my eyes and each picture represents a different day. For one of the other days that I didn’t die. Life is a gift and often we cannot accept it as such. We’re too busy to be busy. We revolve around commerce, work and our image. But we don’t care enough about the days that remain for us. Perhaps the void will never close, but I live and have all possibilities. I live today and I live tomorrow and I’ve lived so much already that I have to be grateful. If I die the day after tomorrow, I will have many beautiful pictures in front of my eyes. The wonderful friends and the great family and the gap that always thinks of me.
Yes, it’s true, one day I’ll die.
But not on all other days!

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