7. February 2022

the right investment

What criteria do we use to choose the right investment? In which capital investment do we want to invest and why?

It should be profitable. It should bring some return. It should be worth it.

Have you ever heard of the so-called cost average effect? A constant amount is always used here. Imagine you fill up your car with fuel every single week for 50 euros. If the price of petrol is high, you buy fewer liters with your €50. If the price of petrol is cheap, you buy more petrol with your €50. This averaging effect brings you a profit in the end. The amount under the bottom line is what counts!

And so it is the same with feelings.

You should only invest if you have the ability to generate at least a small return. Even if it’s only an average effect. What’s in it for you if you go all-in, if you constantly give a part of yourself, but in return you don’t even recoup the fees for your account?

You will either starve to death on the long arm or have just enough food thrown in front of you so that you will not starve to death immediately but will suffer a very slow and miserable death.

So let me give you an apparent simple advice:

Choose your investment wisely!

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