9. February 2022


We get along well, we have fun together. It is a beautiful person and also sexually attractive. It’s a great overall package. But it’s nothing more than friendship+.
You don’t want someone forbidding you something. You want to meet your friends whenever you want and above all you don’t have to justify anything. You are free and independent and there is no compulsion.

Do you have plans for today? No? I don’t have any plans for today either, come on let’s meet.


Do you meet others in this form? No? Great, then let’s make friendship+.

In a relationship you have to justify yourself and explain why you don’t have any time now or then. You would have to be considerate and you might neglect your friends or your hobbies.

The modern form of escaping this is friendship+. We give the child a new name to make us feel better.

And so we’re lying to ourselves!

Look, friendship+ is actually exactly what a good relationship should be.

So it’s not a friendship+ but actually it’s a relationship. One in which everyone is free to do what they want. One in which every part can be themselves. Without these promises, without these chains, without any conditions.

And frighteningly, this state of affairs is suddenly over when one of them wants to give the child its original name back.


I think I’ve already described that, but the connection was never as clear to me as it is today. Watch this article:

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