Croatia - Zadar

If I buy myself some clothes or other material things, my pleasure is not for very long time. You buy it, you wear it, you take it for granted. But if you invest your money in travelling, you live on this for longtime. Memories arise and you gain pictures in your head from moments nobody could give you […]

Apartments Villa Karma Zadar

My recommendation!

This was one of the most beautiful holidays I ever made and this was not because of the city itself.

This accomodation is clean, pretty, made with love and has a special flair I can’t describe. The owner was very friendly and uncomplicated. He gave us two bikes to visit the city which is about 5 to 10 minutes away to cycle. The accomodation Continue reading

Croatia - Zadar

I visited Zadar in 2015 and it was one of my most beautiful holidays. The accomodation I already recommended was perfect: Villa Karma Zadar; and the city offers so much to see although it is very small and originally. From the accomodation to the city was a nice way along the waterfront which was gave […]