I always wondered: How do we know that the person you are staying with, if he or she is the right one. The one you should stay with and spend your life with. I think for every person, the reasons to argument like this are different. Continue reading

There’s no one in town I know You gave us some place to go I never said thank you for that I thought I might get one more chance What would you think of me now So lucky, so strong, so proud? Never said thank you for that Now I’ll never have a chance May […]

Because you are not just looking at me, but inside me ❤️

Und ich helf dir schwimmen, wenn deine kleinen Arme und Beine schwer wie Blei sind, helf ich dir schwimmen. Ich helf dir schwimmen, wenn der Schlamm und Schlick so dick wird, dass du denkst du wirst verrückt, helf ich dir schwimmen. Helf dir schwimmen. Und egal wie lang, wie qualvoll, fern ob nah, bin immer […]

I know this is not a big topic, but today I cooked and it was delicious 🙂 I have to say I never cooked and since I try, it’s almost fun. And now sitting on the couch, watching TV with an attractive man holding me… and for dessert: nutella – I love it!!