In spring-time 2018, I made my holidays on the Philippines. It was a beautiful holiday as you can see following this Link. But one thing won’t get out of my mind. And that is this poor dog I told you about. Sometimes – like today – I come back home after a nice date with my friends. We […]

Turtle Surf Camp Siargao Philippines

We arrived at the Sayak Airport in Siargao and there was a driver waiting for us with a table with our names on it. The driver was very friendly and took us about 40 minutes south-east of the island to General Luna. The drive was beautiful through green palm forests and little villages with children […]

Siargao Philippinen

I am sitting on this long board in the middle of the water and I am drifting with the waves. There are small ones which make me feel this little up and down like it would be to sit on a tiny boat. And then there are big ones, the ones you look at from […]

Magpupungko Rock Pools Siargao Philippinen

The palms extend on two sides of the route and tint the landscape in a sea of ​​green color. The leaves of the banana trees bow in the wind and in the shadows under the trees are some buffaloes and cows around. In part, you can see the typical picture of a bird sitting on the back of an animal. Just as it is known only from films or documentations. Partly on the street, there are pigs tied on branches which are taking a bath in the mud. Everywhere dogs are lying on the street. They look completely different. There are well-fed dogs with a collar and also you can see many poor destinies, who are struggling with eczema. You learn quickly here, to not cry for every sad fate you see. Continue reading

Tresher Cover Dive Resort Malapasqua Philippinen