She said “hello mister, please to meet ya” I wanna hold her, I wanna kiss her She smelled of daisies, smelled of daisies She drive me crazy, drive me crazy Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane Hey hey Hey […]

What is the most Astounding Fact you can share about the universe? The most Astounding Fact… The most Astounding Fact is the knowledge that the atoms they ccomprise life on earth. The atoms, that make up the human body are tracable to the crucibles. They cooked like elements into heavy elements in their core under […]

Home again Home again One day I know I’ll feel home again Born again Born again One day I know I’ll feel strong again I left my head Many times I’ve been told All this talk will make you old So I close my eyes Look behind Moving on, moving on So I close my […]

Books can be sorted in different ways. For authors, for example, alphabetically by title, by year of publication – or not at all. What most book lovers are less worried about: the look of the shelf. My friend just throws them on a stack without caring if they are horizontal or vertical. On Instagram and […]

Do you know why I do love animals this much? I am driving home from work by tube and everyone is sitting there bored and annoyed. Nobody talks, everyone is watching with these empty eyes out of the window or into their shitty smartphone. Nobody smiles except of myself 😊 I can’t help myself. I […]

The story of A Christmas Carol starts on Christmas Eve 1843 Continue reading One more prove that real beauty comes from the inside and that our society nowadays really sucks!

As I have missed you, I had long forgotten how great you are. I look at you and know that you are worth every sin. At this moment I do not care what it makes me. I do not think about the consequences. It will definitely have some! I do not care. My lips slowly […]

  I think that I’ll keep loving you, way past sixty-five We made a language for us two, we don’t need to describe Everytime time you call on me, I drop what I do You are my best friend and we’ve got some shit to shoot [Refrain 2] Yo, you wanna meet me at the […]

In July this year, I did a trial diving course in the diving center in Esslingen. They will provide you the necessary equipment, and after a really well-explained briefing, it starts. Packed with bottle and regulator, it goes off into the 5-meter-deep diving tower. Pressure equalization, breathing, well-being. It was such a great experience that I signed […]

I saw the part of you That only when you’re older you will see too You will see too I held the better cards But every stroke of luck has got a bleed through It’s got a bleed through You held the balance of the time That only blindly I could read you But I […]

The Story of Clytie and Apollo isn’t finished with Clytie becoming a flower. Do you want to know what happened afterwards? The first love of the sun god Apollo is a story that does not end with a happy ending. First lovestories rarely do that. This is no different with magnificent sun gods. Daphne, the daughter […]

Someone stole my words (Link to original text) and translated them ‘en francais’ without asking of my permission: Je deviens fou I try to take it as a compliment of having made a good post, although this is no good manner.

Clytie and Leucothea, were water nymphs. Early every morning they used to come up from the depths of their river, with other nymphs from neighboring streams and fountains, and dance among the water-plants on its shores. But with the first rays of the rising sun, all the dancers plunged back into the water and disappeared; for that was the law among water-nymphs.

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  In my eyes indisposed In disguises no one knowsHides the faceLies the snakeAnd the sun in my disgraceBoiling heatSummer stench‘Neath the black, the sky looks deadCall my nameThrough the creamAnd I’ll hear you scream againBlack hole sunWon’t you comeAnd wash away the rain?Black hole sunWon’t you comeWon’t you comeWon’t you come? StutteringCold and dampSteal […]

  Null Uhr dreißig, und ich liege noch wach. Die Nacht schleicht sich heran, aber bringt keinen Schlaf. Meine Blicke folgen den Schatten an der Wand. Ich lausche Stimmen, die sind mir nur allzu bekannt. Da sind sie wieder, schleichen die Gänge entlang, stoßen mir jede Nacht die Tassen aus meinem Schrank. Manche flĂźstern, manche […]

Cats are strange companions, we never quite know where we stand with them. They are purring creatures and condescending overlords. They do switch their mood within seconds: In a moment they let themselves be caressed with pleasure and show us their vulnerable side, in the other moment, they turn around and bite mercilessly. Without any warning. […]

Let me say this: bein a idiot is no box of chocolates. People laugh, lose patience, treat you shabby. Now they says folks sposed to be kind to the afflicted, but let me tell you — it ain’t always that way. Even so, I got no complaints, cause I reckon I done live a pretty […]

"Bein' a idiot is no box of chocolates," but "at least I ain't led no hum-drum life," says Forrest Gump, the lovable, surprisingly savvy hero of this wonderful comic tale. When the University of Alabama's football team drafts Forrest and makes him a star, that's only the beginning! He flunks out - and goes on to be a Vietnam war hero, a world-class Ping-Pong player, a wrestler, and a business tycoon. He compares battle scars with Lyndon Johnson, discovers the truth about Richard Nixon, and suffers the ups and downs of true love. Now, Forrest Gump's telling all - in a madcap, screwball romp through three decades of the American landscape. It's Gump's amazing travels... and you've got to hear them to believe them.

The film (produced in 1994) is based on the 1986 novel of the same name by Wonston Groom. Main actors in the film are Tom Hanks, Robin Wright and Sally Field. And by the way: it is my most favourite film, and now I want to tell you why!

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If I buy myself some clothes or other material things, my pleasure is not for very long time. You buy it, you wear it, you take it for granted. But if you invest your money in travelling, you live on this for longtime. Memories arise and you gain pictures in your head from moments nobody could give you […]

I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart But you came around and you knocked me off the ground from the start You put your arms around me And I believe that it’s easier for you to let me go You put your arms around me and I’m home How […]

Why do women without a man do usually have a cat?  Is it because they are really similar? Both playful, sometimes lazy and never to understand?  They both stay where they feel comfortable without any need to do much for it.  But there’s one difference left: Cats are always honest meanwhile you are able to […]

There is a house built out of stone Wooden floors, walls and window sills…Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust.This is a place where I don’t feel aloneThis is a place where I feel at home…Cause, I built a homefor youfor meUntil it disappearedfrom mefrom youAnd now, it’s time to leave and turn […]

I received a wonderful Bamboo Tattoo made by great artists from Koh Tao Bamboo Tattoo. First I was sceptical, but after having spoken with another tourist I knew that they would do a good job. The stuff is very friendly and there’s only one thing to say: A tattoo made bamboo art is ART! For […]

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You don’t have to be beautiful To turn me on I just need your body, baby From dusk till dawn   You don’t need experience To turn me out You just leave it all up to me I’m gonna show you what it’s all about   You don’t have to be rich to be my […]

Read this book, I definitely love it!!