The term Poledance refers to a form of dance and sport that can be found both in the artistic field of circus companies, in dance schools and in combination with striptease. This is operated with one or more rods. The rods can be fixed or switched to spinning mode. The space required for this is relatively low. An appropriate arrangement can be easily integrated into a normal living area.

I came by chance to pole dance. My friend had liked a post on a social media platform. It was a friend of hers who promoted her new studio.
We made jokes that we would join the course…. and suddenly we were already registered.

Why do I like poledance so much?

It combines dance elements with strength and power. Stubbornly sitting at devices and doing strength exercises has never been one of my interest. And with Poledance, I’ve found a way to make this fun. It is great for the body and gives a lot of women self-confidence.
Meantime, I am training in polemotions in Filderstadt and can highly recommend this.

I look forward to the ladies there every week.

Here are some impressions:

This is my first video I made in 2013. You can see some spinning moves there. First it’s a own creation of a reverse grab followed by plié spin. The back hook ends in a forward move and then once again reverse grab element. The plié spin to back hook forward, a simple chair and a stand up finishing.

What we can see next is a simple forward spin with a turn round to a back hook spin. The chair is made backwards, switches to forwards. Then a side spin ends up in a form of a sive V. What I try next is a spinned invert into inside leg hang. What I like most: My sister laughing in the end.

Let’s try some splits to stay flexible:

This is the video I had to practice the most for. The handspring. It was hard to learn, but I am proud as hell I can do it:

Here we go: Cross knee release (beginner mode) to handstands. I try to hit my head with my feet – I will never get this… Up again and try the Jade Split! Butterfly for finish!

Just turn around and having fun like a ballerina:

Little Pole Combo with two ladies:

Never forget to stretch!

Handstands touching my head with my feet – or at least the try for it:

Not bad, but beginner mode. The experts are not in vertical line, but in horizontal one!

Wonder Woman 🙂


Iguana Grip:

You need to be strong to hold all this…

Reverse grab turn, handstands with outside leg hang coming up… Iguana grab to touch the head with my feet. Plié spin with back hook as you’ve seen many times before. Then handstands to triangle righten side, pencil spin with open legs, fireman climb and last but not least the handstands to triangle left side:

To be continued…