One more prove that real beauty comes from the inside and that our society nowadays really sucks!


She wore that trademark skirt that showed off her legs, so ridiculously short but somehow was the best, at showing off her figure and making peoples heads turn, his blood was boiling hot enough to burn, he whispered in her ear how hot she looked, she smiled at him and said ‚I like this look […]

I like beautiful people, their look is totally indifferent for me.

I would like to sit at the beach and see the world through the eyes of a man. What do they see when they look around? I can tell it to you from my point of view. I mostly do not watch out for beautiful men, although I am a really heterosexual woman. My eyes […]

My beloved friend Conny used to say: They are all grey and wrinkled when they get old. I totally agree with her. The optical appearance attracts us for the first view, for the first hours or for the first weeks. But in the end, this is not the thing we grow old with. For me, […]