Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly awayif you can use some exotic boozeThere’s a bar in far BombayCome fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away Once I get you up therewhere the air is rarifiedWe’ll just glide, starry-eyedOnce I get you up thereI’ll be holding you so nearYou may hear angels cheer’cause […]

Und ich helf dir schwimmen, wenn deine kleinen Arme und Beine schwer wie Blei sind, helf ich dir schwimmen. Ich helf dir schwimmen, wenn der Schlamm und Schlick so dick wird, dass du denkst du wirst verrückt, helf ich dir schwimmen. Helf dir schwimmen. Und egal wie lang, wie qualvoll, fern ob nah, bin immer […]


This weekend I visited a castle and there was a falconer. I was deeply impressed by the birds which I saw there. There have been huge eagles and also little tiny owls. I fell in love with George, the smallest one of all. I looked at his little wings and these mini eyes. He was so […]