You actually know. You feel it. You can feel it and still suppress it. It’s there and yet so far away. You are happy and deep down you know that you can only be disappointed. You tell yourself that it is different this time and you tell yourself it is nice. But when you are […]

I used to love people. I used to be tolerant to all their problems and to all their belongings. I was loved by everyone. I talked to everyone. Now I am sick of them. I am so fucking sick of them that it sometimes hurts. I don’t want to talk to anybody anymore. What did […]


Why do women without a man do usually have a cat?  Is it because they are really similar? Both playful, sometimes lazy and never to understand?  They both stay where they feel comfortable without any need to do much for it.  But there’s one difference left: Cats are always honest meanwhile you are able to […]