And sometimes I wish I could grab you by your shoulders and shake your whole body. Until I can not do it anymore, running out of strength. I am standing in front of you. You are taller than me, and so I feel like a little girl. I would drum on your chest with my […]

It is dark outside and only occasionally you can see windows of other houses where light is still burning. The shadow of a man passes by in one of the windows, then everything is so motionless again. The light chain over my head along the wall is reflected in the glass of the table on which my laptop stands illuminated, and I just stare into space. Motionless like my environment.

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Home again Home again One day I know I’ll feel home again Born again Born again One day I know I’ll feel strong again I left my head Many times I’ve been told All this talk will make you old So I close my eyes Look behind Moving on, moving on So I close my […]

There comes a time in life, you have the sad feeling that there’s nobody left who cares. Otherwise you have broke or you lose your job or someone died. Not the moments we want to witness. Not the moments that make us happy. Think about it. Think about it twice. These are the moments you […]