Wir sind uns jedes Mal ein bisschen fremd Als ob man sich noch gar nicht richtig kennt Ich bin in deiner Stadt Tourist Der nie wirklich zuhause ist Doch alles irgendwie besser als getrennt Die Wochen zwischendurch sind viel zu lang Am Telefon, das macht uns nur noch krank Ich kenne dein’n Alltag nicht […]

It is dark outside and only occasionally you can see windows of other houses where light is still burning. The shadow of a man passes by in one of the windows, then everything is so motionless again. The light chain over my head along the wall is reflected in the glass of the table on which my laptop stands illuminated, and I just stare into space. Motionless like my environment.

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On your life’s paths, you should live for life. Everything you do not have, is what you think you’ll miss. And if you do not get something, you believe that you love it. What conquers you is what you think will do you good. And for everything that holds you, you do not just pay […]

The brain is one of the most important organs. It works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. From the beginning of life to the moment you fall in love.

Hands willing to touch, the mind wants to believe. Dreams in head, stop that brain. It’s kind of strange, almost stranger. Time is drifting away, appointments I do not meet. Tick tock, tick tock, crazy noise. It’s kind of strange, almost stranger. Feeling so near, being so far. All the same, but this different. It’s […]

Sometimes I stay awake at night and my thoughts won’t let me sleep. Sometimes I am asleep during the day and my thoghts won’t open the door to reality. Sometimes I imagine my life otherwise. Sometimes I love my life just like it is. And sometimes I am quiet and I start to dream. What […]