I have this case in the basement. More precisely, it is a box. I know exactly where this box is and I know exactly what is inside. It is a very big box of white cardboard. He’s hiding somewhere in the far corner. Dark adhesive tape keeps the box closed. This is also necessary because […]

I am so full of knowledge, I am so full of thoughts. My head is full of dreams, wishes and expectations. I am hungry for life and I am so curious what will be. Full of memories and junk food. Full of hopes, longings and fights. So overcrowded, overfilled, overstocked. Jam-full. Stuff nobody needs everywhere. […]

Hold my hand, guide me! Bring me back to life and show me how it can be. I once was alive and I forgot how it works. Take my hand, infold it in yours and let me feel your warmth. I want to feel the squeeze, I want to sense the striation of your skin. Your other hand holding my head and with one single touch everything bad disappears.

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