I always wondered: How do we know that the person you are staying with, if he or she is the right one. The one you should stay with and spend your life with. I think for every person, the reasons to argument like this are different. Continue reading


Today! Today is the time! Today is the time for change! Today is the time for change in my mind! Today is the time for a change in my mind with more self-confidence! Today! Every day we do have the chance to make a good day or a bad day out of the day. Of course, […]

Other ways

You want to go, I prefer to jump, when you talk, I want to sing, You hit roots, I have to fly, we hushed the silence around us. Where has the love gone? I feel young and you are old, so we fall over, we are missing the support. We have to move on, I’m for it, you are against it. […]

I can not describe it. It’s such a thing that you do not see with your eyes. That’s just another feeling. It’s just there, everything where it belongs. The shadow forms a perfect line, from the neck to the shoulder, and makes the muscles stand out even more clearly. It is this hollow on the […]


Why do women without a man do usually have a cat?  Is it because they are really similar? Both playful, sometimes lazy and never to understand?  They both stay where they feel comfortable without any need to do much for it.  But there’s one difference left: Cats are always honest meanwhile you are able to […]

It’s eating me up every single night. It’s eating me up. I am so alone. My favourite favourite drug would be to wake up with him every single day… and I am sure that I would honour this every single day… without taking it for granted. It’s eating me up. Is it possible that two […]